Public Education Committee
(Subcommittee on Career and Technology)
September 13, 2000-10:30A

Career and Technology
    For:      Anderson, Linda (TCTC)
              Block, Mary Ann (Department of Human Sciences)
              Chumney, Lana (Self)
              Cristians, O. Gail (Self)
              Dennis, Jane (Department of Human Sciences, Tarleton
              Drueckhammer, David (Self)
              Handler, Kathy (Texas PTA)
              Hudson, Calvin (Stephenville ISD)
              Knotts, Don (College of Agriculture and Human Sciences,
              Lara, Rene (Texas Federation of Teachers)
              McCoy, Jimmy (Texas A&M System Engineering Program)
              Pack, Cristin (Stephenville ISD)
              Quinten, Jim (Automotive Wholesalers of Texas)
              Warner, Freddy (Texas Agricultural Council and TMTA)
              Weems, Rodger (Self)
              Wynn, Jan (Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers
                   Association of Texas)
    On:       Arrants, George (NATEF Certification and AYES)
              Gregg, Brock (ATPE)
              Lindsey, Paul (TEA)
              Norris, Robert (Legislative Budget Board)