Public Education Committee
May 6, 1999-2:00P

SB 4
    For:      Grusendorf, Bill (Texas Association of Rural Schools)
    Against:  McLamore, Mike (Association of Texas Professional
    On:       Colbert, Paul (El Paso Independent School District)
              Foster, Craig (Equity Center)
              Hartman, Eric (Texas Federation of Teachers)
              Hollingsworth, Lonnie (TCTA)
              Lavine, Richard (Center for Public Policy Priorities)
              Miller, Karen (Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers)
              Wall, Marjorie (Texas State Teachers Association)
              Wood, Buck (Equity Center)

SB 103
    For:      Hartman, Eric (Texas Federation of Teachers)
    Against:  Cecil, Stephanie (Texas Eagle Forum)
              Hamilton, Taddie (Texas Council for the Social Studies)
              Kauffman, Al (Mexican American Legal Defense and
                   Educational Fund)
    On:       Hollingsworth, Lonnie (TCTA)
              Levin, Jay (TSTA)
              McLamore, Mike (ATPE)
              Miller, Geraldine (Self)
              Moses, Mike (TEA)
              Smisko, Ann (TEA)

SB 1472
    For:      Tempelton, Arleigh (Self)