Pensions & Investments Committee
April 21, 1999-8:00A

HB 1999
    For:      Plumlee, Tom (Potter-Randal and Armstrong Counties
                   Community Supervision and Corrections Department)

HB 2540
    For:      Ashner, Melba Jo (Self)
              Chilton Beverly, Karen (Self and Melba Jo Ashner)
    Against:  Eddington, Larry (Dallas Police and Fire Pension System)
              Tettamant, Richard (Dallas Police and Fire Pension

HB 3009
    For:      Halbert, Wayne (Texas Irrigation Council)
              Robbins, Dean (Texas Water Conservation Association)
    On:       Anderson, Susan (Self and Public Financial Management,
              Price, Mark (County Treasurers' Association of Texas)
              Smith, Carol Ann (State Auditor's Office)
              Waley, Dennis (Government Treasurers of Texas)

HB 3536
    For:      Olivarez, Joe (Self)
              Shaefer, Herb (Self)
              Williams, Jim (Self)
    On:       Kendall, Terrence (Texas County and District Reitrement
              May, Robert (Texas County & District Retirement System)
              Nail, William (ERS)

HB 3660
    On:       Jung, Ronnie (TRS)