Land & Resource Management Committee
March 1, 1999-8:00A

HB 665
    For:      Krueger, Jeff (Denton County Commissioners Court)
              Lambert, Merle (Self)
              Rollins, Steve (Self)

HB 1018
    On:       Neal, Don (TNRCC)

HB 1125
    For:      Martin, Keith A. (City of San Antonio)
              Waldman, Rebecca (Self and City of San Antonio)

HB 1345
    For:      Check, Michael D. (Self and San Antonio Radio Club)
              Dudley, Don (Self)
              Greenwood, James S. (Self)
              Mellichamp, Dallas (Self)
              Morgan, Robert B. (Self)
              Silverman, Deborah (Self)
              Silverman, Karl (Self and Johnson Space Center Amateur
                   Club and Clear Lake Amateur Radio Club)
              Wines, Roger (Self)
              Wormser, Alan J. (Self and Austin Amateur Radio Club)