Licensing & Administrative Procedures Committee
April 7, 1999-2:00P

HB 925
    Against:  Willmann, James (Texas Nurses Association)
    On:       Batterton, Carol (Texas Natural Resource Conservation
              Kirkle, Joalene (PUC Office of Customer Protection)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Wilkinson, Charley (CLEAT)
    Against:  Hampton, Hartley (Texas Trial Lawyers Association)
    On:       Zukowski, Jim (Texas Department of Health)

HB 1243
    For:      Frey, Jim (Texas Greyhound Association)
              Sherwood, Dr. Jake (Texas Veterinary Medical

HB 1544
    For:      Shulle Jr, Gerhardt (Texas Society of Proffesional
              Stagner, Steve (Consulting Engineers Council of Txeas)
    On:       Speed, John R. (Texas Board of Professional Engineers)

HB 1799
    For:      Shapiro, Robin (Singer Asset Finance Company)
    On:       Kiplin, Kimberly (Texas Lottery Comission)

HB 1901
    Against:  Buck, Robert (Architect)
              Carlton, Belinda (Coalition of Texans With Disabilities)
              Cranston, Ron (ADAPT)
              Geyer, Bob (Disability Policy Consortium)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Biar, Andrew (Texas Association of Business and Chamber
                   of Commerce)
    Against:  Sokolow, Judith (Advocacy Incorporated)

HB 1937
    For:      Adkins, Audie (Frisco Chamber of Commerce)
              Baber, Sandra L. (Southlake Chamber of Commerce)
              Bliss, Frank (Self and Cooper Stebbins L. P.)
              Edmonson, Debra (City of Southlake)
              Hawk, Curtis E. (City of Southlake)
              Horton, Susan (Texas Municiple League)
              Johnson, Rick (Texas Food Indusrty Association)
              Last, Greg (City of Southlake)
              Patterson, Ron (City of Frisco and Frisco Economic
                   Developement Corporation)
              Williams, Bob (Kroger Food Store)
    Against:  Dalton, Gary (Self and D and D Studios)
              Niemann, Fred (Texas Package Stores Association)
              Workman, Don (Southern Baptist of Texas)
    On:       Bright, Lou (Texas Alchohol and Beverage Commission)
              Yarbrough, Randy (Assistant Adminisrtator TABC)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Moore, Mickey (Texas Retailers Association)

HB 2155
    For:      Briers, Stanley J. (Plumbing Heating Cooling
                   Construction Association of Houston)
              Coleman, David (Self and DFW Sprinkler Systems
              Janecka, Ron (Associated Plumbing Heating Cooling
                   Contractors of Texas)
              Rex, Glenn (Mechanical Contractors Associations of
              Wyman, Russell (Self and Code Administrator)
    Against:  Cardenas, Jose L. (Self and Texas State Plumbing Board)
              Christianson, Robert (Self and Christianson Plumbing and
                   Air Conditioning)
              Christianson, Trent (Plumbing Contractor)
              Combs, Thomas (Self and Plumbing and Air)
              Davis, Jay E. (Self and Williams and Davis Boiler
              Gunn, Joe D. (Self and Worker)
              Hennesset, Patrick J. (Self and Authorized Inspector)
              Pearsall Jr, Mason (Self and Power Plumbing
              Prather, Michael (Heating and Air Conditioning
              Schmidt, Homer (Texas Boiler Advisory Board)
              Trainowski, Bruce A. (Self and Boiler Inspector)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    Against:  Blar, Andrew (Texas Association of Business and Chamber
                   of Commerce)
              Christianson, Lane (Residential Air Conditioning
              Cobb, Ronald H. (American Inc. Association)
              Downs, Michael (Self and Dallas Plumbing Company)
              Gutrie, Dennis (Custom Pluming)
              Juarez, Benito (Self and Authorized Inspector)
              Kent, Christopher G. (Self and Insurance- Boiler and
              Miller, Mark (Ashley PLumbing Company)
              Miller, Mark (Miller Plumbing Company Incorporated)
              Moore, Terry W. (Self and Dallas Plumbing Company)
              MIller, Mark (Gibson Plumbing Company Incorporated)
              Pinkerton, Jennifer (Texas Chemical Council)
              Rocha, Joe (Self and Southwest Homes Builder)
              West, Richard D. (Self and Boiler Inspector)
    On:       Batterton, Carol (Texas Natural Resource Conservation
              Conrad, Doretta (Texas State Board of Plumming
              Morrow Jr, J. Dewitt (Texas State Board of Pluming

HB 3183
    For:      Gray, Alan (Licensed Beverage Disributors)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Sparks, Robert H. (Licensed Beverage Distibutors
    On:       Yarbrough, Randy (Self and Assistant Administrator of

HB 3688
    For:      Hieronymos, Steven (Trend Gaming Systems LLC)
              Woods, Janice (BINGO)
    Against:  Miccio, Fred (Self)
    On:       Atkins, Billy (Charitable Bingo Division Texas Lottery)
              Buerdchinger, Charles (Texas Veterans Commission)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Giesy, Sherri (North Austin Foundation Incorporated)
    Against:  Brensen, Steve (Bingo Interest Group)