Juvenile Justice & Family Issues Committee
March 24, 2000-10:00A

    On:       Arrigona, Nancy (Criminal Justice Policy Council)
              Bays, Richard (TX Department of Health)
              Boatright, David (TX Department of Public Safety)
              Briscoe, Judy (TX Youth Commission)
              Brooke, Linda (TX Juvenile Probation Commission)
              Capers, Lisa (TX Juvenile Probation Commission)
              Chapmond, Thomas (Tx Department of Protective and
                   Regulatory Services)
              Church-Abreo, Rosanna (TX Department of Public Safety)
              Graham, Weldon (TX Youth Commission)
              Harris, Dwight (TX Youth Commission)
              Jeffords, Charles (TX Youth Commission)
              Key, Alicia (Office of Attorney General)
              Nichols, Neil (TX Youth Commission)
              Reyes, Linda (TX Youth Commission)
              Sampson, John (Self)
              Young, Eric (TX Youth Commission)