General Investigating Committee
April 25, 2000-10:00A

Interim Charges
    On:       Allee, Roy D. (Self and Corpus Christi State School)
              Arrell, Vernon M. (Texas Rehabilitation Commission)
              Carlton, Belinda (Coalition of Texans with Disabilities)
              Cole, Andy (Self and Austin TASK, Inc.)
              Curtis, Frank (Texas Association of Goodwill Industries)
              Davis, Jerry (Self and Goodwill Industries of Central
              Dorn, Cheri (Goodwill Temporary Services)
              Faucett, Hershel (Self and Navarro County ARC)
              Fiest, Bill (Concho Resource Center)
              Jaloway, Erwin (Camino Real)
              King, Pat (Self)
              Lucas, Cindy (Lubbock Regional Mental Health Mental
                   Retardation Center)
              Matson, Al (Andrews Center)
              McClelland, Sharon (Self and Goodwill of S.E. Texas)
              Murphy, Terry (Texas Commission for the Blind)
              Pfluger, Meg (Texas Council on Purchasing from People
                   with Disabilties)
              Porter, Robert B. (West Texas Lighthouse for the Blind)
              Quigley, Sean C. (On Our Own Services, Inc.)
              Rich, Danette (Governor's Office of Budget and Planning)
              Richard, Tondra (Goodwill Temporary Services)
              Rido, Nathaniel (Self and Southeast Keller Corp.)
              Russell, Benny (Burke Center)
              Saleski, Linda (Self and Goodwill Industries of El Paso)
              Stirling, Bill (Self and Beaumont Products and Services)
              Templeton, Bob (Texas Council on Purchasing from People
                   with Disabilties)
              Wedemeyer, Barkley (Self and Goodwill Industries of
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Kezar, Vikki (Self and Texspice)