General Investigating Committee
March 20, 2000-1:00P

Interim Charges
    On:       Adams, Linda (State Office of Risk Management)
              Alwin, Lawrence (Office of the State Auditor)
              Ballard, Paul (Texas Education Agency)
              Bradley, David (Self)
              Crawford, Richard (Self and State Preservation Board)
              Elliston, Randy (Texas Department of Public Safety)
              Evans, Dana (National Heritage Insurance Company)
              Felkner, Jerry (Self and Texas Department of Health)
              Ferris, Roger (Office of the State Auditor)
              Gray, Patricia (Self and State Representative)
              Hodge, Carlos (General Services Commission)
              Josselet, Ron (State Office of Risk Management)
              LeBrun, Aurora (Health and Human Services Commission -
                   Office of Investigations and Enforcement)
              Lucchese, Sam (General Services Commission)
              McCandless, Val (State Office of Risk Management)
              Muse, Jim (General Services Commission)
              Nelson, Jim (Texas Education Agency)
              Reggiardo, Paul (American Academy of Pediatric
              Seale, Suzi (Texas A&M University Health Science Center
                   - College of Dentistry)
              Steinhauer, William (Self)
              Unruh, Randy (State Office of Risk Management)
              Untermeyer, Chase (Self)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Arnold, Morris (Texas Department of Public Safety)
              Beattie, Chester (General Services Commission)
              Smith, Carol (Office of the State Auditor)