Energy Resources Committee
March 30, 1999-8:00A

HB 1624
    For:      Anderson, Scott (TIPRO)
              Burns, Morris (Permian Basin Petroleum Association)
              Elyea, Michael (Self and North TX Oil & Gas Association)
              Foppiano, Richard (Self and Oxy USA, Inc.)
              Fox, Charles (Self and Shell CO2 Company, Ltd.)
              Howell, Rusty (TIPRO)
              Looney, Rob (Texas Oil & Gas Association)
              Melzer, Steve (Self)
              O'Neill, Joseph (Self and Permian Basin Petroleum
              Ramirez, Ruben (Self and LULAC)
              Robison, Douglass (Henry Petroleum Corporation)
              Stevens, Bill (West Central Texas Oil & Gas Association)
    Against:  Boswell, John (Self)
              Box, Wana Dee (Self and NARO-Texas)
              Collins, Ted (Self and Collins & Ware, Inc.)
              Copeland, Ralph (Self and Yates Family Interests)
              Covert, Paul (Self and Yates Family Interests; NARO -
              Cowdrey, Bobby (Self and NARO - Texas; Connell
                   Management L.L.C.)
              Cox, Kelly (Self)
              Davidson, James (Self)
              Fields, Terry (Self)
              Grable, Robert (Bass Enterprises Production Co.)
              Graham, Bill (Self)
              Greve, James (Bass Enterprises Production Co.)
              Hanson, Eric (Self and Hanley Exploration, Inc.)
              Mayer, Stephen (Self and NARO - Texas)
              McCreight, Frank (Bass Enterprises Production Co.)
              Parish, John (Self)
              Ramsland, Russell (Self)
              Smith, Rickey (Self)
              Smitherman, John (Bass Enterprises Production Co.)
              Statton, Bob (Self and Burgundy Oil & Gas, Inc.)
              Tucker, Durwood (Texas Farm Bureau)
              Wallace, William (Self)
    On:       LeMay, William (Self)
              Martin, Arthur (Midland ISD)
              Weaver, Jacqueline (Self)