Economic Development Committee
May 11, 2000-9:30A

Local Workforce Development Boards
    For:      Dochen, Sandy (Capital Area Workforce Development Board)
              McGhee, Renee Joy (Self)
              Thompson, Frank (Gulf Coast Workforce Development Board)
    On:       Cooper, Jeremy N. (Self and Amazing Grace Garage)
              Cowen, Ralph (Self and The Workforce Development Board
                   Chairs Group)
              Garcia, Stella (Lower Rio Grande Valley Workforce
                   Development Board)
              Garza, M. P. (Alamo Workforce Development Board)
              Georgas, Carey (Southeast Texas Workforce Development
              Gloyna, Dennis (West Central Workforce Development
              Guerra, Xavier (Self and Gulf Coast Development Board)
              Kirk, Philip (State Auditor's Office)
              Lehman, Ron (Self and Texas Workforce Commission)
              Mayou, Josh (The Home Depot)
              O'Mahoney, Terry (Self and Texas Workforce Commission
              Rath, Diane (Self and Texas Workforce Commission (TWC))
              Sampson, David (Texas Council on Workforce and Economic
              Sheridan, Mike (Self and Texas Workforce Commission
              Stieber, Marcia (Self and Workforce Development Boards)
              Underwood, Sid (Texas Workforce Association / North
                   Central Texas Workforce Board)

Oversight - TAC / Spaceport
    For:      Covey, Ray (South Texas Spaceport Consortium)
              Welch, Fred (Gulf Coast Regional Spaceport Development
    On:       Moser, Thomas L. (Texas Aerospace Commission)

Texas Workforce Commission
    On:       Henderson, Loquita (Self)