Economic Development Committee
April 19, 1999-1:30P

HB 255
    For:      Kazanas, Steve (Self and O.G. Minze - City Manager, City
                   of Hubbard)
    On:       Jennings, John C. (Texas Workforce Commission)

HB 2388
    For:      Shields, Chris (Texas Economic Development Council)

HB 3414
    For:      Hinojosa, Walter (Texas AFL - CIO)
              Hoffman, Donna (Self and National Organization for Women
                   (NOW) in Texas)
              Martinez, Clarissa (National Council of La Raza)
              Willis, D. L. Dally (Self and Communications Workers of
    Against:  Hahn, Christopher H. (Texas Employment Law Council)

HB 3427
    On:       Geballe, Leslie (Texas Workforce Commission)

HB 3431
    On:       Curry, Ron (Texas Council on Workforce & Economic
              Rath, Diane (Texas Workforce Commission - TWC)