Economic Development Committee
April 8, 1999-8:00A

HB 946
    For:      Levy, Rick (Texas AFL-CIO)

HB 1013
    On:       Coufal, David (Texas Workforce Commission)

HB 2401
    For:      Griffith, J. David (Self)
              Perez, Richard (Self)
              Quinten, Jim (Self)
              Thames, Brenda R. (Self)
              Wise, Andrew (American Electronics Association)
    On:       Franks, Robert (Texas Higher Education Coordinating

HB 2609
    For:      Hoffman, Donna (Self and National Organization for Women
                   in Texas)
              Ritter, Phil (Texas Instruments Incorporated)
    On:       Coufal, David (Texas Workforce Commission)

HB 2614
    For:      Hately, Mike (Self)
              Isbell, Tom (Self and Jones County)
              Limmer, Howard L. (Self)
              Lindsey, Chloanne (Self and Scurry County)
              Shields, Chris (Texas Economic Development Council)
              Trevey, Ralph W. (Self and Commissioner Prct. 1, Scurry
              Wilks, James L. (Self and Texas Mexico and Asian
                   Cooridor Alliance)

HB 2881
    For:      Levy, Rick (Texas AFL-CIO)
              Sanchez, Joe (Mexican American Legal Defense and
                   Educational Fund)

HB 2992
    For:      Kramer, Cathy (NASA, Clear Lake Area Economic
                   Development Foundation)
              Weber, Mary Ellen (NASA)
    On:       Moser, Thomas L. (TAC - Texas Aerospace Commission)

HB 3142
    For:      Malik, Hussain (Self)
              Rakes, PhD, Susan B. (SAS Institute Inc.)
              Walker, Judy (House of Tutors)

HB 3161
    For:      Dake, Bill (Self and The City of McGregor - City

HB 3200
    For:      Solis, Rene (YWCA El Paso del Norte Region)
    On:       Coufal, David (Texas Workforce Commission)

HB 3295
    For:      Friedheim, Jan (Self and Career Colleges, Schools of

HB 3429
    On:       Stewart, Branner (Texas Department of Economic

HB 3656
    For:      Guevara, Rev. Alfonso M. (Self)
              Sarabia, Andres (San Antonio Communities Organized for
                   Public Service - Metro Alliance-Project Quest)
    On:       Zuniga, Leo (Dr. Bob Ramsey, Chancellor - Alamo
                   Community College District)