Economic Development Committee
March 29, 1999-1:30P

HB 3657
    For:      Chance, Cheryl (Self)
              Fierson, Richard (Self and Partners for Growth)
              Irwin, Fran (Self and Victoria Economic Development
                   Corp./Texas Economic Development Council)
              Mayfield, Kathy (Texas Economic Development Council)
              Nowotny, Patrick (Self and Texas Economic Development
              Pinkus, David (Small Business United of Texas)
              Rector, Reid (Greater Dallas Chamber)
              Roberts, Michael (Self and Partners for Growth)
    On:       Aguirre, Juan Carlos (South Texas Community College)
              Gutierrez, Stella (Texas Department of Economic
              Keenmon, Maria (Texas Department of Economic Development
                   - Smart Jobs Fund Program)
              Kingston, Dixie R. (Self and National Association of
                   Women Business Owners)
              Manzano, Rosalie (Self and University of Texas at
                   Brownsville/Texas Southmost College Center for
                   Business & Economic Develop.)
              Mitchell, Chris (Self and National Association of Women
                   Business Owners)