Criminal Jurisprudence Committee
July 7, 2000-10:00A

Child Abduction into Mexico
    On:       Barry, Dale (U.S. Border Patrol)
              Collins, Robert (Texas Department of Public Safety)
              Galarza, Guillermo (National Center for Missing and
                   Exploited Children)
              Regan, Michael (U.S. Consulate General, Ciudad Juarez)
              Turley, Lt. Patrick (El Paso County Sheriff's

Community, Alternatives and Superv
    On:       Morales-Aina, Maggie (West Texas CSCD)

Community, Alternatives and Supervi
    On:       Bramblett, Mary Anne (41st District Court and Judicial
                   Advisory Council)
              Cranford, Susan (Texas Department of Criminal Justice -
                   Community Justice Assistance Division)
              Enders, Stephen L. (W. Texas CSCD (Adult Probation))
              Morales, Lt. Claudio A. (El Paso County Sheriff's

Execution of Mentally Retarded Offe
    On:       Dnolte, Mary Alice (Self)
              Mele, Rev. Carmen (Social Action Ministry of the Roman
                   Catholic Church of El Paso and Catholic Diocese of
                   El Paso)
              Tures, Carol (El Pasoans Against the Death Penalty)

International Detainment
    On:       Regan, Michael (U.S. Consulate General, Ciudad Juarez)

Record Expungement
    On:       Adcox, Captain Ken (El Paso Police Department)
              Collins, Jeanne (Jose R. Rodriguez, El Paso County
              Esparza, Jaime (34th District Attorney's Office)
              Garcia, Judge Patrick M. (Self)
              Hinojosa, Victor M. (Lt. George McBain, El Paso Police
              Rubalcaba, Edie (District Clerk's Office)

Reg. Statutory Practices
    On:       Kifowit, Dee (Texas Council on Offenders with Mental