Criminal Jurisprudence Committee
May 26, 2000-10:00A

Child Abduction into Mexico
    On:       Garcia, Soila (CASA)
              McKey Jr., E. Joe (Texas Department of Public Safety -
                   Missing Persons Clearinghouse)
              Salinas Flores, Aida (Self)

Community Corrections Facilities
    On:       Dishman, Steve (Self and 38th Judicial District RCRTC)
              Gonzalez, Judge Noe (Self)
              Henderson, Steven (Self and Tom Green County Community
                   Supervision and Corrections Department)
              Lopez, Joe (Self and Community Corrections)
              Rodriguez, Victor (TDCJ - Parole Division)
              Scott, Wayne (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Brown, Mel (Montgomery County CSCD)

Execution of Mentally Retarded Offe
    On:       Conners III, J.A. (Self)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Miller, Susan (Self)

Int'l Detainment and Child Abducti
    On:       Diaz Miron, Jose (Mexican Consulate)

International Detainment
    On:       Huerta, John (Self)
              Tijerina, Kelly (Self)

Offenders with Mental Impairments
    On:       Kifowit, Dee (Texas Council on Offenders with Mental

Record Expungement
    On:       de la Garza, Aurora (Self)
              Banker III, Charles A. (Self and Law Office of Charles
                   Banker III)
              Flores, Ruben G. (Self and Mothers Against Drunk Driving
                   - Rio Grande Valley)
              Guerra Reyna, Rose (Self and District Court Judge)
              Hole, Cheryl Denise (Self and Office of the Hidalgo
                   County Criminal District Attorney)
              Salinas, J.D. (Self)
              Welch, Kyle B. (Self and TCDLA)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Fulmer, Valerie (Texas Department of Public Safety -
                   Crime Records Services)
              Longoria, Maxine (Self)
              Vega, John J (Self)