County Affairs Committee
March 31, 1999-8:00A

HB 654
    For:      Buchanan, Bree (Texas Counsel on Family Violence)
              Wolf, Laura (Safe Place)

HB 1767
    For:      Maenius, G.K. (Tarrant County Commissioners Court)
    On:       Diamond, Ann (Tarrant County Criminal District
                   Attorney's Office)

HB 1933
    For:      Henderson, Suzanne (County Clerk of Tarrant County)

HB 2259
    For:      Baxter, Tammi (Self)
              Carroccio, Cindy (Self)
              Cuny, Lynn (Self and The Association of Sanctuaries)
              Dobat, Robert F. (Self)
              Fouraker, Michael (American Zoological Association &
                   Fort Worth Zoo)
              Garcia, Dave (Self)
              Kaemmerer, Kenneth (Self)
              Lester, Mike (Self and Texas Animal Control Association)
              Trimble, Robert "Skip" (Texas Humane Legislation
    Against:  Aquirre, Jeff (Self)
              Block, Terri (Self and Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge)
              Davenport, Charles (Self)
              Dyke, Dennis K. (Self and Myself, my cougar & R.E.A.L)
              Gilleland, Ellis (Self and "Texas Animals")
              Glass, Karon (Self)
              Hamblen, Chris (Self and International Elephant Survival
                   Foundation & James C. Hall)
              Kirk, Chris (Self and Sheriff's Association of Texas)
              Kleven, David Christopher (President, Animal Edutainment
              Osorio, Darla J. (Self and Progressive Pachyderms, Inc.)
              Snowden, Robert (Self and Robert Snowden Enterprises)
              Sugg, Ike (Self and Exotic Wildlife Association &
                   Competitive Enterprise Institute)
              Swain, Bill (Self)
              Swain, Michael K. (Self and P.B.A. Enterprising
              Terranova, Doug (Self)
              Werner, Brian (Self and Tiger Missing Link Foundation)
    On:       Kalmanson, Mitchel (Self and Lestor Kalmanson Agency,

HB 2542
    For:      McCord, Windell (Self and Heart of Texas Memorial

HB 2663
    For:      Allison, Jim (County Judges & Commissioners Association
                   of Texas)

HB 2942
    For:      Maenius, G.K. (Tarrant County Commissioners Court)

HJR 69
    For:      Cobb, Ronald H. (American Insurance Association)

SB 221
    For:      Garcia, Cynthia (Fort Worth City Council)
              Williams, Ellen (Harris County Animal Control Authority)