Redistricting Committee
August 25, 2000-12:00P

    On:       Anderson, Betty (Self)
              Butler, Jim (Odessa Chamber of Commerce)
              Cardenas, Jr., Alberto P. (Lubbock Hispanic Chamber of
              Cook, D. V. (Self and Texas Independent Ginners
              Cox, Roger (Amarillo Chamber of Commerce)
              Earl, Lewis (Self)
              Gibson, David (Texas Corn Producers Board)
              Harris, Jerry (Self)
              Hebert, J. Gerald (IMPAC 2000)
              Henry, Alan (Lubbock Chamber of Commerce)
              Henson, James (Amarillo Chamber of Commerce)
              Hernandez, City Councilman Victor (City of Lubbock,
                   District 1)
              Isett, State Representative Carl (Self)
              Klein, Todd R. (Lubbock County Democratic Party)
              Mann, L. Scott (Republican Party)
              McDaniel, Dr. Gary (Souths Plains College)
              McEwen, Mayor Russ (City of Big Spring)
              Mirabal, Al (U.S. Census Bureau)
              Montford, Chancellor John (Texas Tech University)
              Morris, David (Self)
              Patterson, T. J. (Self)
              Pearson, Dr. Neale (Self)
              Privett, Tony (City of Lubbock)
              Pruitt, Dwayne (Majority of Terry County)
              Sipes, L. D. (Buddy) (Midland Chamber of Commerce)
              Sitton, Mayor of Lubbock Windy (Self)
              Steed, Mayor Pat (City of Childress)
              Trose, Michael B. (Democratic Party of Midland)
              Turner, Marshall (U. S. Census Bureau)
              Verett, Steve (Plains Cotton Growers, Inc.)
              Wilson, Rose (Self)
              Wilson, Ross (Texas Cattle Feeders Association)
              Yeager, Bruce (Wellman-Union ISD)