Redistricting Committee
March 4, 2000-10:00A

    On:       Blum, Edward (Self and Campaign for a Color-Blind
                   America Legal Defense and Educational Foundation)
              Campos, Marc (Self)
              Castillo, John E. (Self and Council Member, City of
              Coleman, Rep. Garnet (House District 147)
              Damiani, Stephen (Self)
              Danburg, Rep. Debra (House District 137)
              Denton, Frank S. (Self and Conroe Lake Conroe Area
                   Chamber of Commerce)
              Eschbach, Karl (Self)
              Garibay, Cruz Giovanni (Self and State Young Tejano
              Hanna, David (Texas Legislative Council)
              Korbel, George (Self)
              Mata, Johnny (Self and League of United Latin American
              Milburn, Ruth (Self and Common Cause)
              Mindiola, Tatcho (Self)
              Mirabal, Alfonso (U.S. Census Bureau)
              Murdoch, Dr. Steve (Self)
              Noriega, Rep. Rick (House District 145)
              Olivo, Rep. Dora (House District 27)
              Pate, A. J. (Self)
              Reyes, Jr., Frumencio (Self)
              Rodriguez, Olga Llamas (Self and Latina PAC)
              Schwartz, Barbara (League of Women Voters of Houston)
              Turner, Jr., Marshall L. (U.S. Census Bureau)
              Vasquez, Gabriel (Self and Council Member, City of
              Ware, Alan (Texas Legislative Council)
              Webster, Sr., Wade P. (Self)
              Wilkerson, Jr., Walter D. (Self and Montgomery County
                   Republican Party)
              Williams, Rep. Tommy (House District 15)
              Yarbrough, Rep. Ken (House District 138)
              Zbranek, Rep. Zeb (House District 20)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Deshotel, Rep. Joe (House District 22)
              Gentry, Fran (NAACP)
              Tillinghast, Scott (Self)
              Wood, Jerry (City of Houston)