Business & Industry Committee
(Subcommittee on The Texas Workers' Compensation Fund)
May 24, 2000-10:00A

Interim Charge
    On:       Berry, Sr., Matt (Self and Independent Insurance Agents
                   of Texas)
              Caudill, William H. (Texas Workers' Compensation
                   Insurance Fund)
              Conger, Robert (Self)
              Edwards, Joe (American Insurance Association)
              Henry, Bill (Self)
              Hinojosa, Walter (Texas AFL-CIO)
              Hockman, Bruce R. (Self)
              Howell, Donald L. (Self and Texas Workers' Compensation
                   Insurance Fund)
              Jackson, Richie (Texas Resturant Association)
              Kanz, Dr. Kevin (Self and Texas Chiropractic
              McDonald, O.V. (Self)
              Oliver, Russ (Texas Workers' Compensation Insurace Fund)
              Regnier, Ted (Volunteer Fireman's Insurance Services)
              Saenz, Danny (Texas Department of Insurance)
              Young, Jr., Martin H. (Texas Workers' Compensation
                   Insurance Fund)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Hatch, Brent (Texas Workers' Compensation Commission)
              May, Virgina (Texas Workers' Compensation Commission)
              White, Dr. Kenneth S. (Texas Chiropractic Association)