Business & Industry Committee
(Subcommittee on Contingency Clauses)
May 18, 2000-10:00A

Interim Charge
    For:      Lightfoot, Sr., Robert H. (Texas Fire Sprinkler
                   Contractors Association)
    Against:  Adler, John (Self and American Subcontractor
    On:       Barrera, Deborah (DISAL, Inc. dba ENVIROTEX)
              Bass, Robert (Self)
              Bounds, Mackie (Self)
              Colvin, Keith (Self)
              Grainey, Allen (Self and NECA)
              Hay, Kimberly (Plumb Right Services, Inc.)
              Hill, Cynthia (General Services Commission)
              Horton, Susan (Texas Municipal League)
              Lewis, Dennis (Self and Potter Concrete Co., Inc.)
              Morgan, Gene (Self and American Subcontractors
                   Association, North Texas Chapter)
              Nelson, Steve (Self and Legislative Committee,
                   Associated General Contractors)
              Nisbett, Reggie (Self and BPS Equipment Rental)
              Odom, Paul (Self)
              Perry, Stan (Self)
              Shiels, Thomas A. (Self)
              Walthall Jr., Thomas J. (Self)
              Warburton, Kevin M. (Self)
              Webster, Keller W. (Texas Association of Builders)
              Werner, Larry J. (Self and Mechanical Contractors
                   Association of Austin)
              Young, Bill W. (Associated General Contractors)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    Against:  Johnston, David (Trinity Industries)
              Sickels, Linda (Trinity Industries, Inc.)
    On:       Bruns, Richard M. (Texas State Wall & Ceiling
              Cummings, Tim (Self and Mills Electrical Contractors)
              Garrington, Lee Ann (Morrison Supply Company)
              Klein III, Rudolf F. (MCA-SMACNA of San Antonio, Inc.,
                   Mechanical Contractors Trade Association)
    On:       Page, Nick (Self and Central Texas Masonry Contractor's
                   Association, President)