Business & Industry Committee
April 20, 1999-2:00P

SB 384
    For:      Whittemore, M.D., Archie (TX Orthopaedic Assoc. and TX
                   Medical Association)

SB 434
    For:      Tucker, Sharon (Self)
    On:       Silva, Yvonne (Self)

SB 699
    For:      Battaglia, Debbie (Self)
              Denton, Sandy (Self)
              Dunn, Harvey (Self)
              Firby, Michelle (Self)
              Frey, Linda P. (Self and Property Owners & approx. 80
                   million voters represented by the firm)
              Hailey, Roy (Self and Greater Houston Chapter, Community
                   Associations Institute)
              Heyer, Connie N. (Austin Chapter of the Community
                   Associations Institute)
              Hill, Susan (Self and Texas Neighborhoods Together)
              Horrell, Patricia Ann (Self)
              Johnson, Robert (Self and Windermere Homeowners Assoc.,
                   Inc. and Pflugerville Council of Nieghborhood
              LeClair, Karen (Self)
              Meyer, Marjorie Jean (Self and Community Assocaitions
                   Institute and more than 11,000 homeowners living in
                   35 Property Owners Assoc.)
              Schimmel, Bruce (Self and Board Members Association
                   (including Davis Mountains Resort, Lago Vista,
              Sykes, Johnathon (Self)
              Wiggins, Jude B. (Cypress Creek United Civic
              Zobel, Ray (Self and Cypress Creek United Civic
    Against:  Jones, Harvella (Self and The Homeowner's Advocate)
              Jones, Johnnie (Self and The Homeowner's Advocate)
              McCoy, Brenda (Self)
              Silva, Sylvia (Self)
              Silva, Yvonne (Self)
              Solcich, Steve Thomas (Self and Property Rights
                   Foundation, Inc.; Incorporating Tx Coalition of
                   Homeowners Rights)
              Tucker, Sharon (Self)
    On:       Walker, Ron (Texas Association of Realtors)