Business & Industry Committee
March 30, 1999-2:00P

HB 1017
    For:      Niemann, Larry (Community Associations Institiute of
              Solcich, Steve Thomas (Texas Coalition for Homeowners'
              Walker, Ron (Texas Association of Realtors)
    Against:  Wiggins, Jude (Self and Cypress Creek United Civic

HB 1137
    For:      Adair, Cecelia (County and District Clerks Association)

HB 1664
    For:      Gailey, Judge Barbara (Self and JPCA)
              Warndof, Donna (Justices of the Peace and Constables
                   Association of Texas)

HB 1842
    For:      Denton, Ann V. (Enterprise Foundation/CCHE)
              Haynes, Scott (Self)
              Langendorf, Jean (Self and Texas Home of Your Own)
              Littrell, Anna (Self and Home of Your Own Coalition)
              Marin, Naomi (Self and Texas Home of Your Own Coalition)
              Redmond, Lee (Coalition of Texans with Disabilities)
              Schwartz, Jonas (United Cerebral Palsy of Texas)
              Thomas, Stephanie (Self and ADAPT of Texas)
              Tyree, Thomas (Disability Policy Consortium)
    Against:  Herring, Steve (Self and Texas Association of Builders)
              Oglesby, Larry (Texas Capitol Area Builders Association)
              Wade, Gerald P. (Self and Centex Homes/Texas Association
                   of Builders)
    On:       Dale, Sarah (Texas Department of Housing and Community

HB 2015
    For:      Bonine, Ann (Self)
              Bonine, David (Self)
              Briesemeister, Janee (Consumers Union)
              Emerick, Hubert (RV/Mobile Home Owners Association of
                   the Rio Grande Valley)
              Howlett, Delma Davila (Self)
              Sturk, Katherine (Self)
              Wusterhausen, Jimmie (Self)
    Against:  Anderson, Barbara (Paisano Mobile Home Community)
              Burke, Lynda Billa (Self)
              Crawford, Laura D. (Self and Alta Vista and Alta Vista
                   South MH Communities; Vista Hills MHC; Lahesa and
                   Villa View MH Community)
              Ehrle, Will (Texas Manufactured Housing Association)
              Ellis, Martin (Sun Medows)
              Hanigan, Janice (Self and CWS Communities Trust)
              Harris, Arthur R. (Self and Indian Hills Mobile Home
              Hunt, Grady (Self and Chateau Communities; Trails End;
                   Boulder Park; Homestead; Summit Oaks; Eagle Creek)
              Perez, Donna (Self)
              Smith, Martin M. (Self)
    On:       Mintz, David (Texas Apartment Association)

HB 2224
    On:       Niemann, Larry (Community Associations Institute of

HB 2408
    For:      Mintz, David (Texas Apartment Association)
              Short, Jim (Southway Towing)
    On:       Rash, Jeanette (Texas Towing and Storage Association)

HB 2444
    For:      Tucker, Jeffrey A. (Weingarten Realty
                   Investors/International Council of Shopping

HB 2460
    For:      Brooks, Geneva Kirk (Self and Texas Property Rights
                   Foundation, Inc.)
    Against:  Daly, Ransom (Community Association Institute (Texas and
              Hailey, Roy (Self and Greater Houston Chapter, Community
                   Association Institute)
              Heyer, Connie N. (Austin Chapter of Texas Community
                   Associations Institute)
              Hill, Susan (Texas Neighborhoods Together)
              Horrell, Patricia Ann (Self)
              Meyer, Marjorie Jean (Self and Community Associations
              Niemann, Larry (Texas Community Association's
                   Institute/Austin Community Associations Institute)
              Sales, P. (Self)
              Wiggins, Jude (Self and Cypress Creek United Civic
              Zobel, Ray (Self and Cypress Creek United Civic

HB 2576
    For:      DeBeauvoir, Dana (Self and County Clerks Legislative
              Lee, Randy M. (Stewart Title Guaranty Company)

HB 2706
    For:      Bass, Steve (Texas Fire Chiefs Association)
    On:       Arnold, Jim (Texas Engineering Extension Service)
              McAnally, Scott (ROC)

HB 2769
    For:      Day, Thomas (Self and Texas Apartment Association)

HB 2842
    For:      Grove, W. Jon (American Airlines)
              Thomas, Jerry L. (American Airlines)
    Against:  Sheppard, Emmett (Self and United Labor Legislative

HB 3289
    For:      Courtney, Chuck (Texas Retailers Association)
    On:       Lattimore, John (Texas Department of Health)

HB 3407
    For:      Birdwell, Randy (Self)
              Orr, William B. (Self)
              Rhatigan, Steve (Self)
    Against:  Hill, Susan (Texas Neighborhoods Together)
    On:       Niemann, Larry (Texas Commmunity Associations

HB 3493
    For:      Class, Ramon (Self)
              Ragland, Tom (Self)

HB 3494
    For:      Class, Ramon (Self)
              Ragland, Tom (Self)

HB 3550
    For:      Cerullo, Emil (Self and Texas Imaging and Diagnostic
                   Center, Oxymed)
              Class, Ramon (Self)
              Maxwell, Robert (Self)
              Wrobel, Ken (Self)
    Against:  McNeel, Randy (Harris and Harris Lawfirm)

HB 3694
    For:      Carroll, B.F. Hank (Self and Texas Cemeteries

HB 3758
    For:      Cerullo, Emil (Self and Texas Imaging and Diagnostic
                   Center, Oxymed)