Business & Industry Committee
March 23, 1999-2:00P

HB 23
    For:      Jones III, Luther G. (Self)

HB 450
    For:      Hill, John E. (AARP)

HB 537
    For:      Alexander, Mary (Self)
              DeLord, Ronald (Combined Law Enforcement Association of
              Gladden, Wilhelmina (AARP)
              Ross, James (Jim) L. (Self)
              Theriot Jr., Van (Self)
    Against:  Barnes, Ronald E. (SITEL Corp.)
              Calvert, Tom (MCI World Com.)
              Camillo, John R. (J.C. Penny Life Insurance Co.)
              Erwin, John (Self and west Teleservices)
              Glenn, Eric (Tx Association of Business & Chambers of
              Jewell, Mike (AT&T)
              Payne, Tyson (Self and Texas Association of Life
              Plaut, Jeffery (Self)
              Pollard, Mike (Texas Association of Life & Health
              Thompson, Jay (TALHI)
    On:       Borgett, Roger (OAG-- Consumer Protection Division)
              Tiede, Saralee (Public Utility Commision)

HB 548
    On:       Tiede, Saralee (Public Utility Commission)

HB 756
    For:      Boggins, Joseph C. (TX Society of Association
              Floyd, Robert A. (TX Society of Association Executives)
              Sissom, Joe (Self)

HB 2420
    For:      Pollard, Mike (TX Association of Life & Health Insurers)
              Stinson, Bill (TX Association of Realtors)