Business & Industry Committee
March 9, 1999-2:00P

HB 381
    For:      Cummings, Bill (Self and Texas Silver-Haired
              Rushing, Allan (Self and Tax Assessor - Collectors
              Wheeler, Max (Self and Tax Assessor - Collector's
                   Association of Texas)

HB 1397
    For:      Gosdin, James L. (Self and Stewart Title Guaranty Co.)

HB 1521
    For:      Hanna, Mark J. (Texas Society of Professional Surveyors)
              Woller, Joseph M. (Foundation Appraisers Coalition of
                   Texas (FACT))

HB 1522
    For:      Boldt, Gary (Tx Assoc. of Associated Builders &
              Pinkus, David (Small Business United of Texas)
              Richards, Bob (TD Industries)
              Risk, Raymond (Texas Construction Association)
              Sewell, Jim (Associated General Contractors - TX
                   Building Branch)
    Against:  Kerstein, Debora (Self and Texas Association of
              Webster, Keller W. (Self)
    On:       Mintz, David (Texas Apartment Association)

HB 2054
    For:      Bass, Robert (Self and Lumbermen's Assoc. of TX)
              Lewis, George (Self and Tx Assoc. of Builders)
              Risk, Raymond (Tx Construction Association)
    Against:  Shields, Thomas A. (Self)