Business & Industry Committee
February 16, 1999-2:00P

HB 115
    For:      Kariseh, Glenn (Self)
              Marston, Randolph (Self)
    Against:  McGiffert, Lisa (Consumers Union)
    On:       Schaffer, Dean (Office of the Attorney General)

HB 611
    Against:  Alcorta, Victor (Direct Marketing Association)
              Flores, Henry (Texas Telephone Association)
              Moore, Michael (Texas Retailers Association)
              Neeley, Karen (Indepent Bankers Association of Texas)
              Pollard, Mike (Texas Association of Life &  Health
              Power, Robert (Texas Financial Services Association)
              Rogers, Johnnie B. (The Polk Co.)
              Stevens, Mary Beth (American Council of Life Insurance)

HB 749
    For:      Courtney, Chuck (Texas Retailers Association)
              Smith, John (Wal Mart Stores Inc)
    On:       Baker, Dennis (Tx Dept. of Health Bureau of Food & Drug

Invited Testimony
    On:       Barnes, James (Labor Market Information Dept. Texas