Business & Industry Committee
February 9, 1999-2:00P

Organizational Meeting
    On:       Erben, Andrew (Tx. Assoc. of Builders)
              Hammond, Bill (Tx.  Assoc. of Business & Chambers of
              Quick, Stephen (Texas Workers' Compensation Commission)
              Adams, Sian (Tx. Workers' Compensation Commission)
              Bent, Steve (Tx. Assoc. of Responsible Nonsubscribers)
              Birdwell, Bruce (State Office of Risk Management)
              Borgelt, Roger (Office of the Attorney General -
                   Consumer Protection Div.)
              Frakes, Terry (Tx. Workers' Compensation Insurance Fund)
              McAnally, Scott (Research & Oversight Council of
                   Workers' Compensation)
              McMurry, Sam (Tx. Self Insurance Assoc.)
              Mintz, David (Tx.  Apartment Assoc.)
              Moore, Nancy (Tx. Department of Insurance)
              Preuss, Gary (Office of the Comptroller)
              Riley, Len (Texas Workers' Compensation Commission)
              Sanford, Marion (Tx. Business Law Foundation)