Appropriations-S/C on Education Committee
February 15, 1999-8:00A

    On:       Adams, H. Richard (Texas A & M College of Veterinary
              Avant, Robert (Texas Food and Fibers Commission)
              Bennett, G. Kemble (Texas Engineering Extension Service)
              Beverly, John (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station)
              Bowen, Ray (Texas A & M University)
              Brown, Don (Texas Higher Education Coordination Board)
              Calvert, Stanton (Texas A & M University System)
              Cisneros, Marc (Texas A & M University - Kingsville)
              DeBakey, Michael (Baylor College of Medicine)
              Eugster, Konrad (Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic
              Fehlis, Chester (Texas Agricultural Extension Service)
              Furgason, Robert (Texas A & M University - Corpus
              Garcia, Jose (Texas A & M International University)
              Haden, Clovis (Texas Engineering Experiment Station)
              Hensley, Stephen (Texas A & M University - Texarkana)
              Hiler, Edward (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station and
                   Texas Agricultural Extension Service)
              Hines, Charles (Prairie View A & M University)
              Hull, James (Texas Forest Service)
              Jennett, Charles (Texas A & M International University)
              Kale, Tom (Texas A & M University System)
              Kemp, Mike (Texas A & M University - Galveston)
              Kirby, Robert (Texas A & M University - Kingsville)
              Long, Russell (West Texas A & M University)
              McCabe, Dennis (Tarleton State University)
              McFarland, Keith (Texas A & M University - Commerce)
              Noren, Jay (Texas A & M University Health Science
              Nunley, Gary (Texas Wildlife Damage Management Service)
              Richardson, Herbert (Texas Transportation Institute)
              Sanford, William (Texas Higher Education Coordinating
              Sayavedra, Leo (Texas A & M University System)
              Thompson, Barry (Texas A & M University System)