Appropriations-S/C on Education Committee
February 9, 1999-8:00A

    For:      Green, Ray (Parker College of Chiropractic)
              McDonald, Carol (Independent Colleges & Universities of
              Parker, Carl (Parker College of Chiropractic)
              Schulle, Gerhardt (Texas Society of Professional
              Swindle, Jack (Texas Instruments)
    On:       Anderson, T. Chaney (U of Houston - Downtown)
              Angel, Dan (Stephen F. Austin University)
              Ashley, Janelle (Stephen F. Austin University)
              Berry, Wilkes (Texas Woman's University)
              Brown, Don (Coordinating Board)
              Byers-Pevitts, Beverley (Texas Woman's University)
              Castillo, Max (U of Houston - Downtown)
              Cohen, Dr. Benjamin (U of North Texas Health Science
              Cunningham, Bill (U of Texas System)
              DeBakey, Michael (Baylor College of Medicine)
              Feigin, Ralph (Baylor College of Medicine)
              Floyd, Brenda (Texas Woman's University)
              Gonzalez, Adela (U of North Texas Health Science Center)
              Goodman, Kay (Texas Woman's University)
              Hardy, James (Stephen F. Austin University)
              Haynes, Karen (U of Houston - Victoria)
              Hurley, Alfred (U of North Texas)
              McWhorter, James (Coordinating Board)
              Montford, John (Texas Tech University)
              Richards, David (U of North Texas Health Science Center)
              Sanford, William (Coordinating Board)
              Sayavedra, Leo (Texas A&M System)
              Smith, Arthur (U of Houston System)
              Smith, Roland (Stephen F. Austin University)
              Staples, William (U of Houston - Clear Lake)
              Walker, Kay (U of Houston System)
              Willeford, Pamela (Coordinating Board)