Appropriations Committee
March 17, 1999-7:00A

HB 1676
    For:      Antolik, Cindy (American Cancer Society)
              Haussecker, Ron (Emergency Medical Services Association
                   of Texas)
              Langford, James (Texas Organization of Rural and
                   Community Hospitals)
              Miller, John (California Senate Committee on Health)
              Parriott, Ruth (National American Cancer Society)
              Walker, Craig (Texas Organization of Rural and Community
    On:       Archer, William (Texas Department of Health)
              Gardner, Glen (Texas Coalition of Veterans Organization)
              Nix, Timothy (Center for Health Care Strategy, Texas
                   Tech University)
              Partridge, Mary (American Lung Association)

HB 1945
    For:      McGiffert, Lisa (Consumers Union)
    On:       Byers-Pevitts, Beverley (Texas Woman's University)
              Lewis, Carl (Nueces County Attorney)
              Mendelsohn, John (M.D. Anderson Cancer Center)

    On:       Alanis, Felipe (Texas Education Agency)
              Gilchrist, Robin (Texas Education Agency)
              Monroe, Bill (Texas Education Agency)
              Mora, Linda (Texas Education Agency)
              Moses, Mike (Texas Education Agency)
              Richards, David (University of Texas Health Science
              Russell, Steve (University of Texas Health Science
              Smisko, Ann (Texas Education Agency)
              Vaughn, Nancy (Texas Education Agency)
              Wisnoski, Joe (Texas Education Agency)