Agriculture & Livestock Committee
April 12, 1999-8:00A

HB 722
    On:       Young, Bobby (Texas Forest Service)

HB 2809
    For:      Boerner, Ben (Texas Grain & Feed Assn.)

HB 3149
    For:      Hale, Randy (Self and Texas Ag. Aviation Assn.)
              Walker, Matt (Self)
    Against:  Neely, Karen (Independent Bankers Assn. of Texas)

HB 3243
    For:      Parten, Ben (Self)
    Against:  Gilleland, Ellis (Self and Texas Animals)

HB 3277
    On:       Butler, Jim (Texas A&M System Ag. Program)

HB 3349
    On:       McLaughlin, Laurie (Comptroller of Public Accounts)

HB 3446
    For:      Hutchins, Elbert (Texas Veterinary Medical Assn.)
              Martindale, Billy (Self and Texas Veterinary Medical
    On:       Allen, Ron (Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical
              Kloeris, Chris (Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical