NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: State Affairs

TIME & DATE: 12:30PM or 30 min. after adj.
             Thursday, April 22, 1999

PLACE: Senate Chamber

CHAIR: Senator Florence Shapiro


I.  To consider the following:

SB 256            Barrientos
Relating to reestablishment of service credit in a public retirement
system participating in the proportionate retirement program.

SB 794            Ellis, Rodney
Relating to the periodic review and expiration of state agency
rules in coordination with the sunset review process and to certain
other aspects of state agency rulemaking.

SB 803            Ellis, Rodney
Relating to the sale or lease of underused lands by the state.

SB 902            Bernsen
Relating to service credit in the Teacher Retirement System of
Texas for accumulated personal or sick leave.

SB 909            Shapleigh
Relating to reporting of political contributions and expenditures
by certain out-of-state political committees.

SB 936            Ogden
Relating to certain expenditures by corporations and labor
organizations for nonpartisan voter registration or
get-out-the-vote campaigns; providing a criminal penalty.

SB 1079            Shapleigh
Relating to the establishment and duties of the position of public
information advocate within the office of the attorney general.

SB 1204            Cain
Relating to the elements of and damages for trespass relating to
billboards or other outdoor advertising.

SB 1364            Harris
Relating to out-of-state political committees.

SB 1563            Armbrister
Relating to establishing customer service standards and performance
measures for  state agencies.

SB 1712            Ellis, Rodney
Relating to the establishment of a common information center for
state government through which public inquiries can be transferred
to the appropriate state governmental entity and frequently
requested information can be forwarded.

SB 1721            Ellis, Rodney
Relating to the posting of state procurement information on the
electronic state business daily.

SB 1726            Ellis, Rodney
Relating to the filing of certain judicial office campaign
treasurer appointments and campaign finance reports.

SB 1842            Cain
Relating to the regulation of pari-mutuel racing.

II.  Subcommittee reports:

SB 432            Ratliff
Relating to the designation of a registration period of less than
12 months by the owner of a motor vehicle or a trailer.

III.  Pending business:

SB 292            Nixon, Drew
Relating to a self-directed investment option for participants in
the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

SB 1179            Wentworth
Relating to an optional defined contribution retirement plan for
persons eligible to participate in the Employees Retirement System
of Texas.



SB 432