NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: State Affairs

TIME & DATE: 12:30PM or 30 min. after adj.
             Thursday, March 25, 1999

PLACE: Senate Chamber

CHAIR: Senator Florence Shapiro


I.  To consider the following:

SB 190            Ogden
Relating to continuing education requirements for auctioneers and
associate auctioneers.

SB 583            Ellis, Rodney
Relating to a prospective state contractor who is indebted to or
owes delinquent taxes to the state.

SB 693            Cain
Relating to public notice of and public hearings on proposed ad
valorem tax rates.

SB 726            Nixon, Drew
Relating to property owners' association elections.

SB 744            Shapleigh
Relating to requests for information under the public information
law from incarcerated individuals and their agents.

SB 747            Shapleigh
Relating to determining the types of public information most often
requested from state governmental bodies under the open records

SB 801            Ellis, Rodney
Relating to electronic access to certain state agency information.

SB 817            Brown, J. E. "Buster"
Relating to certain ballot security procedures.

SB 852            Shapleigh
Relating to the listing of state agency Internet addresses in
telephone directories.

SB 853            Shapleigh
Relating to requiring the comptroller of public accounts to post
reports on the Internet.

SB 916            Wentworth
Relating to notices of open meetings posted by the secretary of

SB 971            Shapiro
Relating to participation by counties in an electronic voting pilot
project for military voters.

SB 1035            Moncrief
Relating to the release of motor vehicle accident reports and the
disclosure of certain personal information from motor vehicle
records; providing a penalty.

SB 1040            Wentworth / et al.
Relating to the imposition of a charge for making available for
inspection certain public information.

SB 1047            Wentworth / et al.
Relating to the application of the open records law to information
about a business prospect who has engaged in economic development
negotiations with a governmental body.

SB 1169            Wentworth
Relating to advertising in the Texas driver's handbook.

SB 1245            Brown, J. E. "Buster"
Relating to a person's eligibility for an auctioneer's license.

SB 1252            West, Royce
Relating to broadcasting public meetings over the Internet.

SB 1280            Wentworth
Relating to an exemption from the requirements of the open meetings
law for certain negotiations involving the Texas Lottery

SB 1639            Carona
Relating to the application of the open meetings law and public
information law to certain meetings and information relating to the
finances of an applicant for economic development assistance.

II.  Subcommittee reports:

SB 514            Ogden
Relating to the payment and use of a bid guaranty for a state
highway improvement contract.

SB 515            Ogden
Relating to state highway improvement contracts for which a
performance bond is required.

SB 639            Bernsen
Relating to the issuance of special license plates to benefit the
Texas Economic Development Corporation.

SB 681            Duncan
Relating to the development of an intermodal transportation hub for
economic development in certain municipalities.

SB 682            Duncan
Relating to the designated route of La Entrada al Pacifico Corridor.

SB 775            Bivins
Relating to the regulation of motor carriers.

SB 834            Cain
Relating to including memorial signs in the Adopt-a-Highway program.

SB 987            Ratliff
Relating to the issuance of Texas Young Lawyers Association license

SB 997            Cain
Relating to fees for certain veteran special license plates.

SB 1647            Cain
Relating to the authority of the Texas Turnpike Authority Division
of the Texas Department of Transportation to manage its affairs,
clarify certain statutory provisions, and eliminate inconsistencies
within the affected provisions.

SB 1648            Cain
Relating to the issuance of permits for the operation of certain
vehicles that exceed maximum allowable weight limitations;
providing criminal penalties.