NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: State Affairs

TIME & DATE: 12:30PM or 30 min. after adj.
             Thursday, March 4, 1999

PLACE: Senate Chamber

CHAIR: Senator Florence Shapiro


To consider the following:

SB 57            Harris
Relating to the exception from required disclosure under the public
information law of information relating to litigation.

SB 183            Nixon, Drew
Relating to the acceptance of gifts by certain state agencies.

SB 277            Carona
Relating to rendition by the attorney general of decisions
requested under the open records law.

SB 279            Carona
Relating to the charge for providing public information requested
for an official purpose by a governmental body under the open
records law.

SB 439            West, Royce
Relating to the Texas Human Rights Protection Act; providing civil

SB 527            Shapiro
Relating to execution and filing of an assumed name certificate;
providing a penalty.

SB 570            Shapiro
Relating to certain business documents filed and recorded with the
secretary of state.

SB 571            Shapiro
Relating to judicial review of the secretary of state's refusal to
register or renew a trademark or service mark.

SB 613            Carona
Relating to the disclosure of certain records maintained or
obtained by the comptroller of public accounts of the State of

SB 667            Carona
Relating to the repeal of the exception to disclosure under the
public information law of information submitted by an applicant for
certification as a historically underutilized or disadvantaged

SB 729            Shapiro
Relating to reports and other business filings made with the
secretary of state; providing penalties.

Subcommittee reports:

SB 21            Zaffirini
Relating to the issuance of specialty license plates or disabled
parking placards to certain institutions and facilities that
transport persons with a disability.

SB 74            Truan
Relating to the designation of a portion of State Highway 44 as the
Cesar Chavez Memorial Highway.

SB 132            Nixon, Drew
Relating to the requirements for the issuance of special license
plates or vehicle parking placards to persons with disabilities.

SB 155            Lindsay
Relating to a limitation on the amount charged for parking in
connection with a special event; creating an offense.

SB 322            Ellis, Rodney
Relating to special license plates benefiting the Girl Scouts.

SB 450            Armbrister
Relating to markings required on certain vehicles.

SB 537            Cain
Relating to agreements between the Texas Transportation Commission
and the Texas Department of Transportation and regional tollway
authorities and to the authority of regional tollway authorities to
set prima facie speed limits on the authorities' turnpike projects.

Pending business:

SB 117            Lucio
Relating to the regulation of private process servers; providing

SB 355            Harris
Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Incentive
and Productivity Commission.