NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Economic Development

TIME & DATE:  9:00AM, Tuesday, March 23, 1999

PLACE: Lt. Gov. Cmte. Room

CHAIR: Senator David Sibley


To be considered:

SB 63            Gallegos
Relating to the effects of an expired or suspended alcoholic
beverage license or permit.

SB 88            Carona
Relating to certain transactions subject to regulation as loans.

SB 121            Lucio
Relating to the use and approval of certain underwriting guidelines
affecting homeowners insurance; providing a penalty.

SB 125            Lucio
Relating to regulating leasing in certain manufactured home

SB 512            Madla
Relating to billing medical patients and the penalty for certain
pricing practices.

SB 551            Gallegos
Relating to liability for the sale or delivery of alcoholic
beverages to unauthorized persons by certain distributors or

SB 623            Lucio
Relating to certain requirements applicable to the construction of
speculative homes.

SB 652            Carona
Relating to the notice provided to an owner of a vehicle towed to a
vehicle storage facility.

SB 677            Jackson
Relating to the creation and operation of the Windstorm Building
Code Advisory  Committee on Specifications and Maintenance.

SB 881            Jackson
Relating to enrollment periods for employer health benefit plans.

SB 901            Sibley
Relating to dividends payable to policyholders under certain group
insurance programs.

SB 1102            Cain
Relating to the permissible concentration of alcohol in certain
beverages sold or held by persons permitted to sell such beverages.

SB 1339            Carona
Relating to the regulation of deferred presentment transactions.

SB 1530            Carona
Relating to unfair trade practices in the business of insurance;
providing administrative and civil penalties.

SB 1640            Carona
Relating to transportation of certain alcoholic beverages.

SB 1657            Jackson
Relating to the compensation of an officer, trustee, or director of
a domestic insurance company.

SB 1668            Jackson
Relating to the discipline of certain individuals authorized to
sell certain alcoholic beverages.

Subcommittee report:

SB 456            Madla / et al.
Relating to facilitating and supporting cooperative efforts of
municipalities and counties to promote economic development by
hosting the Pan American Games and the Olympic Games.



SB 1676