HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                         NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: State Affairs

TIME & DATE:  2:00PM or upon adjournment
             Thursday, April 29, 1999

PLACE: E2.014

CHAIR: Rep. Steven Wolens

To consider the following:

HB 604            Craddick / et al.
Relating to contingent fee contracts for legal services entered
into by a state or local governmental entity and to the deposit of
certain delinquent or disputed funds recovered by a state or local
governmental entity.

HB 1578            Uresti
Relating to access to a public employee's electronic mail address
under the open records law.

HB 1777            Wolens
Relating to compensation a municipality may receive from a provider
of communications services in the municipality.

HB 1795            Reyna, Arthur
Relating to certain state purchasing procedures.

HB 2090            Cuellar / et al.
Relating to competition by a state agency or political subdivision
with private enterprise.

HB 2241            Hupp
Relating to allowing state agency officials to hold town hall
meetings in various parts of the state.

HB 2292            Uresti
Relating to county restriction on the use of aerial fireworks
during drought conditions.

HB 2387            Turner, Sylvester
Relating to the use of the money by the telecommunications
infrastructure board in the qualifying entities account of the
telecommunications infrastructure fund.

HB 2499            Moreno, Joe
Relating to the use of suitable state property for community
gardens and farmers markets for the benefit of low-income and needy

HB 2723            Hupp
Relating to the prohibition against the collection of certain

HB 3049            Counts
Relating to certain agreements between economic development
corporations and persons engaged in certain political activities;
providing civil and criminal penalties.

HB 3057            Edwards
Relating to including veterans of certain military conflicts within
the definition of a historically underutilized business for
purposes of state contracting.

HB 3241            Green
Relating to restrictions on the construction or operations of
health and fitness facilities by a political subdivision.

HB 3526            Coleman / et al.
Relating to facilitating and supporting cooperative efforts of
municipalities and counties to promote economic development by
hosting the Olympic Games.

HB 3560            Luna, Vilma
Relating to interagency agreements between agencies of this state
and agencies of the federal government and other states.

HB 3562            Luna, Vilma / et al.
Relating to the payment of amounts owing due to the use of certain
state-issued credit cards.

HB 3777            Luna, Vilma
Relating to the review by the Sunset Advisory Commission of issues
relating to global warming.

HJR 31            Hupp / et al.
Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to a right of

HJR 70            Keffer
Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to the composition of
the Texas House of Representatives.

HJR 95            Gray
Proposing a constitutional amendment to provide a four-year term
for the adjutant general and to provide that the term run
concurrently with the term of the governor.

SB 57            Harris
Relating to the exception from required disclosure under the public
information law of information relating to litigation.

SB 77            Truan / et al.
Relating to the making of international cooperation agreements by
state agencies and political subdivisions; authorizing the issuance
of bonds.

SB 277            Carona
Relating to attorney general decisions requested under the open
records law and to the reconsideration of those decisions.

SB 456            Madla / et al.
Relating to facilitating and supporting efforts of certain
municipalities to promote economic development by hosting the Pan
American Games and the Olympic Games.

SB 484            Duncan
Relating to defining a local exchange access line and an equivalent
local exchange access line for purposes of the imposition of 9-1-1
emergency services fees and the exclusion of certain telephone
lines used to provide Internet access.

SB 560            Sibley
Relating to the regulation of telecommunications utilities by the
Public Utility Commission of Texas and the provision of
telecommunications services.

SB 640            Fraser
Relating to display of the POW/MIA flag.

SB 672            Moncrief
Relating to restoring lost sick leave to a former state employee
returning to state employment.

SB 753            Madla
Relating to the application of the open meetings law to certain
nonprofit health maintenance organizations.

SB 916            Wentworth
Relating to notices of open meetings posted by the secretary of



HB 604
HB 3049