NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Public Safety

TIME & DATE: 10:30AM or upon adjournment
             Tuesday, May 4, 1999

PLACE: E1.026

CHAIR: Rep. Bob Turner


SB 81            Carona
Relating to qualifications for instructors of classroom driver
education in driver education schools.

SB 131            Nelson
Relating to the notice required to be posted at a hospital or
nursing home prohibiting the carrying of a handgun by a person
licensed to carry a concealed handgun.

SB 328            Harris
Relating to the regulation of driver's training courses and the
issuance of certain driver's licenses.

SB 383            Duncan
Relating to access to criminal history record information by a
political subdivision for certain background checks.

SB 588            Nelson / et al.
Relating to the suspension of a license to carry a concealed
handgun issued to a person who commits family violence.

SB 839            West, Royce
Relating to security bars on residential dwellings.

SB 1099            Cain
Relating to excavation operations of employees of the Texas
Department of Transportation.

SB 1157            Carona
Relating to the reporting of certain convictions to the Department
of Public Safety of the State of Texas.