HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                         NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Public Safety

TIME & DATE: 10:30AM or upon adjournment
             Tuesday, April 6, 1999

PLACE: E1.026

CHAIR: Rep. Bob Turner


HB 2204            Bosse / et al.
Relating to the continuation and functions of the Department of
Public Safety of the State of Texas.

HB 1899            McCall
Relating to requiring  the creation of a DNA record for certain
individuals convicted of burglary or adjudicated as having engaged
in delinquent conduct that violates the prohibition against

HB 995            Hunter
Relating to peace officers of hospitals in certain municipalities.

HB 1968            Van de Putte
Relating to the powers and duties of peace officers commissioned by
certain hospital districts.

HB 2397            Carter
Relating to Crime Stoppers Advisory Council.

HB 2031            Kuempel
Relating to the process of notifying drivers of license suspension
by mail.

HB 2032            Kuempel
Relating to the surrender of suspended driver licenses and vehicle

HB 2802            Ritter
Relating to the denial of the renewal of the driver's license of a
person who fails to appear to pay a fine involving an offense
within justice or municipal court jurisdiction.

HB 2794            Gutierrez
Relating to the automation of the compulsory motor vehicle
inspection system.

HB 3492            Dunnam
Relating to requiring the Texas Department of Public Safety to
establish minimum standards for vendors of ignition interlock

HB 3215            McCall
Relating to the methods by which the Texas Department of Criminal
Justice and the Texas Youth Commission obtain samples or specimens
for the purpose of creating a DNA record.

HB 1087            Driver
Relating to county enforcement of commercial motor vehicle safety

HB 719            Christian / et al.
Relating to the efficient use of police service animals.

HB 571            Hupp
Relating to information collected and used in connection with a
driver's license.

HB 3209            Jones, Jesse
Relating to the purposes for which money received by certain crime
stoppers organizations may be used.

HB 1485            Brimer
Relating to the regulation of persons who repossess motor vehicles,
mobile and manufactured homes, and vessels; providing a civil

HB 1772            Hawley
Relating to application of the Private Investigators and Private Security
Agencies Act to reserve peace officers in certain counties.

HB 815            Jones, Jesse
Relating to the offense of the unlawful carrying of a handgun by a
license holder on the premises of certain places of religious

HB 953            Uher
Relating to conducting of a driver education course by the
student's grandparent.