HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                         NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Public Education

TIME & DATE:  2:00PM, Monday, March 15, 1999

PLACE: E2.036

CHAIR: Rep. Paul Sadler

To consider the following:

HB 373            Flores / et al.
Relating to appointment of members to the State Board for Educator

HB 371            Flores
Relating to criminal history of school employees.

HB 277            Flores
Relating to a duty-free lunch for public school employees.

HB 269            Flores
Relating to jury service by public school employees.

HB 451            Pitts
Relating to termination of the employment of a public school
teacher employed under a probationary contract.

HB 835            Dukes
Relating to limitations on emergency certification of public school

HB 728            Delisi
Relating to creation of a program that provides incentives for
teachers to acquire additional teaching knowledge and skills.

HB 725            Delisi
Relating to providing scholarships to classroom teachers pursuing
advanced degrees or additional teacher certification.

HB 1451            Delisi
Relating to the Texas Troops to Teachers Program.

HB 850            Dutton
Relating to minimum salaries for public school teachers and
full-time librarians.

HB 849            Dutton
Relating to the salaries of public school teachers, librarians, and

HB 1786            Dutton
Relating to minimum salaries for full-time registered nurses
employed by school districts.

HB 1784            Dutton
Relating to evaluation and termination of certain public school

HB 1180            Rangel
Relating to the State Board for Educator Certification.

HB 1399            Coleman / et al.
Relating to the Teach for Texas Program.

HB 1570            Grusendorf
Relating to public school educator certification.

HB 87            Gutierrez
Relating to restricting written reports required of public school
classroom teachers.

HB 1582            Salinas
Relating to compensation of public school teachers for a longer
work day.

HB 144            Thompson / et al.
Relating to minimum salaries for public school classroom teachers
and librarians.

HB 478            Seaman
Relating to certain information that school districts must provide
to teachers and administrators.

HB 1770            Lewis, Ron
Relating to the Texas Teaching Fellows Commission.

HB 669            Wise / et al.
Relating to criminal history records of and disclosure of certain
conduct by employees, volunteers, and prospective employees and
volunteers of certain educational entities.

HB 294            Wise
Relating to notice by school districts concerning social security

HB 513            Gray
Relating to review of criminal history records of persons seeking
educator certification or employment in a public school.

HB 38            Corte
Relating to personal leave for public school employees who are
assaulted at work.

HB 1803            Culberson
Relating to criminal history record information of persons who
apply to work or who work at schools or in certain school-related

HB 2117            Nixon, Joe / et al.
Relating to the authority of a school district to permit certain
persons to perform teaching services or to provide teachers for the
district in lieu of paying ad valorem taxes owed to the district.



HB 1501
HB 574
HB 910
HB 872