and Military Installation 
                              Tuesday, March 21, 2000 
                                     2:00 p.m. 
                      City Hall Chambers, City of Killeen, TX 
         Pursuant to a notice posted in accordance with Senate Rule  
         11.18, a public hearing of the Senate Committee on VETERAN  
         AFFAIRS and MILITARY INSTALLATIONS  was held on Tuesday, March  
         21, 2000, in the City Hall Chambers, City of Killeen, TX 
         MEMBERS PRESENT:                        MEMBERS ABSENT: 
         Senator Carlos F. Truan                 Senator Eliot Shapleigh 
         Senator Troy Fraser 
         Senator Steve Ogden 
         Senator Leticia Van de Putte 
         The Chair called the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m.  There being  
         a quorum present, the following business was transacted:   
         The Chairman, Senator Carlos F. Truan, made opening remarks and  
         recognized Senator Fraser, representing the Killeen area, and  
         Senator Van de Putte to make statements.  The Chair called on  
         the Honorable Fred Lathan, Mayor of the city of Killeen.  The  
         Mayor welcomed the committee to Killeen and introduced His  
         Eminence, Cardinal Luis Aponte Martinez.  Cardinal Martinez was  
         presented keys to the city and the Mayor read a proclamation  
         naming March 18-22, 2000, Cardinal Aponte Martinez Day. 
         His Excellency, Cardinal Luis Aponte Martinez gave the  
         The Chairman called on Lt. General Leon J. LaPorte, United  
         States Army, Commander III Corps. 
         General LaPorte praised Lt. Governor Rick Perry for taking the  
         initiative in Texas and appointing the Committee on Veteran  
         Affairs and Military Installations and naming the Dean of the  
         Texas Senate the Chairman. General LaPorte briefed the committee  
         on issues that were important to the mission of deployment,  
         giving priority for a highway from Ft. Hood to the Port of  
         Corpus Christi to rapidly move troops and equipment. 
         The Chair called on Mr. David Barr, Chairman of the Greater  
         Killeen Chamber of  Commerce.   
         Mr. Barr spoke on housing and quality of life issues. 
         Senator Truan called on Colonel David B. Hall, United States  
         Army, Ft. Hood Garrison Commander.  Colonel Hall addressed the  
         educational needs of the soldiers and their families. 
         Lt. General (Ret.) Pete Taylor, United States Army, member of  
         the Texas Strategic Military Planning Commission, testified on  
         the needs of the  military in Texas. 
         The Chairman called Mr. John C. Ferrier and Mr. Thomas Roberts,  
         representing the area veterans, who spoke on the need for state  
         veteran cemeteries. 
         Chairman Truan called on Mr. Theron L. Johnson, representing  
         Chapter 147, Disabled American  
          Veterans, who also spoke on the need  for a veterans cemetery  
         in the Central Texas area. 
         The Chair called on Mr. Don Christian, Director of Aviation for  
         the City of Killeen who testified on the civil-military  joint  
         use of Fort Hood's Robert Gray Army Airfield. 
         Ms. Jane Caldwell was next to testify.  The Chairman called on  
         Ms. Caldwell, Director of Grants and Special Programs for the  
         Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, who gave an overview  
         of the Hazelwood Act. 
         The Chair called on Dr. Ronald Swanson, Director, Center for  
         College Readiness, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board,  
         who spoke on the Texas Academic Skills Program (TASP) and its  
         relationship to military students in Texas. 
         Chairman Truan called on Mr. George J. Wankawellen, Jr.,  
         testifying on making the transition from military life to  
         civilian life easier by utilizing programs available through the  
         Texas Workforce Commission's local offices. 
         Mr. Buck Prewitt, Chairman of the Temple Economic Development  
         Corporation, was called by Senator Truan to talk about the work  
         force development and the importance of the military in the  
         workforce of Central Texas.  Also testifying was Susan Kamas,  
         Executive Director of the Central Texas Workforce Board 
         The Chair called on Mrs. Virginia Green, a veteran's widow, who  
         spoke in favor of the creation of veterans cemeteries in the  
         The Chair called on Mr. Roger P. O'Dwyer, Adjutant, Veterans of  
         Foreign Wars, Post 8577, requesting that the tobacco lawsuit  
         monies  be appropriated for an interest bearing trust fund to  
         build veteran homes and cemeteries in Texas. 
         The Chair recognized Mr. Horace Grace representing himself  to  
         testify on improving the relationship between the Texas  
         Workforce Commission and Project Transition at Ft. Hood in  
         obtaining funding for training programs for recently discharged  
         military personnel who are now  living in Texas. 
         The Honorable Mary Gauer, Mayor of the City of Harker Heights  
         thanked the Committee for holding the hearing in Killeen and  
         touring the base of Ft. Hood. 
         There being no further testimony, the meeting was recessed until  
         further call of the Chair,  on a motion by Senator Fraser.   
         There being no objection, the meeting was recessed until further  
         call of the Chair at 5:00 p.m. 
         Carlos F. Truan, Chairman 
         Alice Breard, Committee Clerk       
                   List of Witnesses in Order of Testimony 
         The Honorable Fred Latham 
         Mayor, City of Killeen 
         907 Roof Street 
         Killeen, TX 
         Lt. General Leon J. LaPorte 
         Commanding General 
         United States Army 
         Ft. Hood, TX  76544 
         Mr. David Barr 
         Chairman, Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce 
         P. O. Box 10040 
         Killeen, TX  76547-0040 
         Colonel David B. Hall 
         United States Army 
         Garrison Commander 
         Ft. Hood, TX  76544 
         Lt. General Pete Taylor 
         United States Army, Retired 
         Texas Strategic Military Planning Commission 
         Rt. 3, Box 3789L 
         Belton, TX  76513 
         Witness list, continued: 
         Mr. John C. Ferrier 
         215 W. Ave. G. 
         Copperas Cove, TX  76522 
         Mr. Thomas G. Roberts 
         2010 Continental Drive 
         Killeen, TX  76543 
         Mr. Theron L. Johnson 
         Chapter 147, DAV 
         1212 Bennie Drive 
         Killeen, TX 
         Mr. Don Christian 
         Director of Aviation 
         City of Killeen 
         1525 Airport Drive 
         Killeen, TX  765443 
         Jane Innis Caldwell 
         Director, Grants & Special Programs 
         TX Higher Education Coordinating Board 
         7715 Chevy Chase 
         Austin, TX  78752 
         Dr. Ronald Swanson 
         Director, Center for College Readiness 
         TX Higher Education Coordinating Board 
         7745 Chevy Chase Drive 
         Austin, TX  78751 
         Mr. George J. Wankawellen, Jr. 
         2311 Caprice Dr. 
         Killeen, TX  76543 
         Mr. Buck Prewitt, Chairman 
         Temple Economic Development Corp. 
         5 S. 5th  
         Temple, TX  765501 
         Ms. Susan Kamas, Executive Director 
         Central Texas Workforce Board 
         P.O. Box 450 
         Belton, TX  76513 
         Mr. Roger P. O'Dwyer, Adjutant 
         Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 8677 
         P. O. Box15 
         Copperas Cove, TX  76522 
         Mr. Horace Grace 
         P. O. Box 10065 
         Killeen, TX 
         Mrs. Virginia Greene 
         1708 Chippendale 
         Killeen, TX 
         The Honorable Mary Gauer 
         Mayor, City of Harker Heights 
         901 S. Ann Blvd. 
         Harker Heights, TX  766548