AND MILITARY INSTALLATIONS 
                            Monday, February 22, 1999 
                                    11:00 am 
                          Lt. Governor's Committee Room 
         Pursuant to a notice posted in accordance with Senate Rule 11.11, a  
         public hearing of the Senate Committee on Veteran Affairs & Military  
         Installations was held on Monday, February 22, 1999 in Lt.  
         Governor's Committee Room, at Austin, Texas.   
         MEMBERS PRESENT:                        MEMBERS ABSENT: 
         Senator Carlos F. Truan                 None 
         Senator Gregory Luna 
         Senator Troy Fraser 
         Senator Steve Ogden 
         Senator Eliot Shapleigh 
         Chairman Truan called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m.    
         The Chair laid out SB 171,  relating to the expansion of  the   
         Legion of  Valor License Plates privilege,  and recognized  its  
         sponsor,  Senator Carona.  Senator Carona then explained the purpose  
         of the bill. The Chairman recognized Mr. Jerry Dike,  representing  
         the Texas Department Of Transportation,  to testify as a resource  
         witness.  There being no further  testimony,  the Chair closed the  
         hearing on SB 171.  The Chair laid out SB 416, relating to parking  
         priviliges for vehicles of veterans or surviving spouses, and  
         recognized  Senator Lindsay, sponsor of SB 416 to explain his bill.     
         Senator Fraser was recognized for questions on SB 416.  The Chair  
         called on Mr. Michael Palmquist,  Executive Director of the American  
         Legion, as a resource witness.  As there were no objections or  
         witnesses for or against the bill, the hearing on SB 416 was closed  
         by Chairman Truan.   Senator Fraser was recognized for a motion to  
         report SB 416 out of committee with a recommendation  that it do  
         pass and be printed.   The Clerk called the Roll for the vote.   
         There being 5 ayes and no nays, the motion carried.   
          Senator  Fraser moved to report  SB 171 out of committee with the  
         recommendation that it do pass and be printed.  The Clerk called the  
         Roll for the vote.  There being 5 ayes and no nays, the motion was  
         The Chair laid out SB 313 relating to the number of authorized  
         defense projects within a defense adjustment  zone and recognized  
         Senator  Madla as  its  sponsor.   After presentation of the  bill  
         by Senator Madla,  two witnesses from the Texas Department of  
         Economic Development,  Michael West and Craig Pinkley were called to  
         testify.  Chairman Truan recognized Senator Fraser for questions and   
         recognized Senators Shapleigh and Ogden as present. 
          The Chair called for a vote on SB 171,  there being 5 ayes and no  
         nays, SB 171 was favorably reported out of Committee.  Senator Luna  
         made the motion that SB 171 be placed on the Local & Uncontested  
         Calendar.  The motion was ordered by unanimous consent and was so  
         ordered.  The Roll was called on SB 416.  There being 5 ayes and no  
         nays, SB 416 was favorably reported out of committee.  Senator Luna  
         made a motion that it be placed on the Local & Uncontested Calendar.   
         The motion was so ordered by unanimous consent. 
         Testimony on SB 313 was then resumed with the Chair calling resource  
         witnesses; Jim Berry Executive Director of the Bee Development  
         Authority and Jim Campbell, Intergovernmental Director for the City  
         of San Antonio.  Senators Shapleigh and Senator Fraser were both  
         recognized for questions.  The Chair called for the record to  
         reflect that Randy Cain,  resource witness, for the City of Lubbock  
         registered in  favor of  SB 313 and did not wish to testify.   
         Chairman noted SB 313 has a Fiscal implication that will require it  
         to be held in  Committee.  It was noted that further information  
         will be needed on the Fiscal note and,  therefore  SB 313 was left  
         pending before the  Committee.  There being no further testimony for  
         or against, and no objections, the hearing was closed on SB 313. 
         Senator Shapleigh then made a motion for the approval of the minutes  
         from the last hearing and by unanimous consent, the minutes were  
         The Chair recognized Senator Shapleigh for an introduction to the  
         Committee of the students from El Paso, TX who were identified as  
         community scholars who have been studying public policy issues in  
         Texas.  They were recognized and welcomed by Senator Truan. 
         There being no further business to transact, Senator Luna moved that  
         the Committee stand recessed at 11:44 a.m. subject to call of the  
         Chair.  There being no objections, the motion passed. 
         Senator Carlos F. Truan, Chairman 
         Emma Dibbles, Committee Clerk