The House Committee on General Investigating 
         76th Legislature 
         June 19, 2000 
         10:00 a.m. 
         Capitol Extension, Room E2.010 
         Pursuant to a notice posted on June 5, 2000, the House Committee  
         on General Investigating met in a public hearing and was called  
         to order by the chair, Representative Gallego, at 10:10 a.m. 
         The roll was answered as follows: 
         Present:  Representatives Gallego; Uher; Crabb; Eiland; Keel  
         Absent:   None (0). 
         A quorum was present. 
         The following individuals were recognized to testify by Chairman  
         Jerry Felkner, Texas Department of Health 
         Aurora F. LeBrun, Texas Health and Human Services Commission 
         (Representative Gray now present.) 
         Robert L. "Bob" Olson 
         Karl L. Shaner, DPh. 
         Harold J. Seiler, DDS 
         Santos Serna, Jr. 
         David Flores 
         William Steinhauer, DDS 
         Chairman Gallego called for public testimony or comments.  There  
         was none. 
         At 2:49 p.m., on the motion of the chair and without objection,  
         the meeting was adjourned subject to the call of the chair. 
         Rep. Gallego, Chair 
         Carlos Martinez, Clerk