House Committee on Agriculture & Livestock 
         76th Legislature 
         February 15, 1999 
         8:00 am  
         Capitol Extension, E2.026 
         Pursuant to a notice posted on February 10, 1999, the House  
         Committee on Agriculture & Livestock met in a public hearing  
         and was called to order by the Chair, Representative David  
         Swinford at 8:05 am. 
         The roll was answered as follows:   
         Present:  Representatives Swinford; McReynolds; Brown, Betty;  
                   Green; Hupp; Jones, Charles (6). 
         Absent:   Representatives Christian; Crownover; Hardcastle  
         A quorum was present. 
         Mr. Hardcastle now present. 
         The Chair offered opening comments and recognized the  
         following people to testify on behalf of their agency: 
         Dr. Edward A. Hiler, Texas A&M University System. 
         John Beverly, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station. 
         Chester Fehlis, Texas Agricultural Extension Service. 
         Gary Nunley, Texas Wildlife Damage Management Service. 
         James Hull, Texas Forest Service. 
         Konrad Eugster, Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab. 
         At 9:59 am, on the motion of the chair and without objection,  
         the meeting was adjourned subject to the call of the chair.   
         Rep. David Swinford, Chair 
         Courtney Trolinger, Clerk