1-1           WHEREAS, In April 1997, thousands of residents and visitors

 1-2     alike will gather in Chappell Hill for one of our state's most

 1-3     popular and colorful yearly events, the 33rd Annual Chappell Hill

 1-4     Bluebonnet Festival; and

 1-5           WHEREAS, A much anticipated celebration of spring, the

 1-6     festival honors the spectacular bluebonnets that grace the

 1-7     community of Chappell Hill each April with their seasonal display

 1-8     of eye-catching blooms; and

 1-9           WHEREAS, This popular event is sponsored by the Chappell Hill

1-10     Historical Society, and it began in 1964 as the Bluebonnet Antique

1-11     Show; the festival became known by its present name in 1983, and it

1-12     currently offers fun-filled activities for the entire family,

1-13     including a hayride through the community's historic district and

1-14     abundant opportunities to shop for distinctive wares and furniture

1-15     from arts, crafts, and antique vendors; and

1-16           WHEREAS, The Chappell Hill Bluebonnet Festival will provide a

1-17     time for many citizens to set aside the cares of daily life and

1-18     enjoy the flowering beauty of our Texas spring; this well-loved

1-19     event continues to be a splendid addition to our state's array of

1-20     recreational opportunities and is truly deserving of legislative

1-21     praise and support; and

1-22           WHEREAS, In 1951 the Ennis Garden Club established its first

1-23     Bluebonnet Trail of Texas, mapping certain locales in the City of

1-24     Ennis and the area surrounding the city, thus sharing its bounty of

 2-1     this unique Texas wildflower; these mapped trails have grown to

 2-2     encompass more than 40 miles where the thousands of visitors may be

 2-3     enthralled for two consecutive weekends in April each year by the

 2-4     spectacular fields of bluebonnets that grow so bountifully in the

 2-5     area; the City of Ennis has gained renown for having the official

 2-6     Bluebonnet Trail of Texas; an added attraction to those visiting

 2-7     during the weekends of the Bluebonnet Trail is an antique show and

 2-8     sale that attracts vendors from five neighboring states and

 2-9     benefits the Ennis Heritage Society; now, therefore, be it

2-10           RESOLVED, That Ennis be declared the official Bluebonnet

2-11     Trail of Texas and that Ennis be designated the Bluebonnet City of

2-12     Texas because of the 46 years it has been associated with the

2-13     official wildflower of Texas and the faithful efforts of the Ennis

2-14     Garden Club in preserving our state wildflower for all to enjoy;

2-15     and, be it further

2-16           RESOLVED, That the 75th Legislature of the State of Texas

2-17     hereby designate the Chappell Hill Bluebonnet Festival as the

2-18     official Bluebonnet Festival of Texas and commend all those

2-19     associated with the event for their hard work in ensuring its

2-20     success.


         _______________________________     _______________________________

             President of the Senate              Speaker of the House

               I certify that H.C.R. No. 116 was adopted by the House on May

         7, 1997, by a non-record vote.


                                                 Chief Clerk of the House

               I certify that H.C.R. No. 116 was adopted by the Senate on

         May 26, 1997, by a viva-voce vote.


                                                 Secretary of the Senate

         APPROVED:  _____________________