Criminal Justice Committee
March 25, 1997-9:00A  

SB 143
   Registering, but not testifying:
   For:     Bias, James (Humane Society), Dallas

            Garcia, Dave (Houston SPCA), Houston

            Halloway, Cile (self), Dallas

            Kantor, Diana (self), Austin

            Nematollahi, Roxanna (self), Austin

            Sisk, Cathy (Harris Co Atty's Office), Houston

            Trimble, Robert L. (self), Dallas

   Written materials submitted:
   For:     Willis, Coy (TX Animal Control Ass'n), Midland

SB 381
   On:      Anderson, Ken (self), Georgetown

            Weeks, David P. (Walker County DA), Huntsville

SB 663
   For:     Gist, Judge Larry (Judicial Advisory Coun.), Beaumont

            Murchison, Nickie (Dallas Crime Commission), Dallas

            Wallace, Sherri (Dallas Co. Criminal DA), Dallas

   On:      Anderson, Ken (self), Georgetown

            Fabelo, Tony (CJPC), Austin

            Weeks, David P. (TX Dist & Co Atty Assoc), Huntsville

SB 758
   For:     Beall, Fred (Walmart Stores Inc.), Bentonville, AR

            Escobar, Bonnie (EP Chamber of Commerce), El Paso

            Rodriguez, Jose R. (El Paso Co. Attorney), El Paso

   Against: Cates, Phil (Texas Paint Council), Austin

            Hills, Robert N. (NCPD), Alexandria, VA

   Registering, but not testifying:
   For:     Gutierrez, Hector (City of El Paso), El Paso

            Hull, Sharon (SW Hardware Dealer Assn), Ft. Worth

            Moore, Mickey (Texas Retailers Ass'n.), Austin