Criminal Justice Committee
January 15, 1997-9:00A  

SB 97
   For:     Cordle, Larry W. (self), Austin

            Hutchison,Kay Bailey (self), Austin

            Isaaks, Vicki (Dallas County D.A.), Dallas

            Keppele, Robert (TX District & Co. Atty.), Austin

            Krause, Karen (self), Round Rock

            Martin, Tom (TX Police Chiefs Assoc.), Grape Vine

            Mok, Amy Wong (TX Assoc Ag Sex Assault), Austin

            Rep. Danburg (TX House of Rep.), Austin

            Rep. McCall (TX House of Rep.), Austin

            Schneider, Christina (TX Cncl.Family Violence), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   For:     Paniagua, Joe (City of Ft. Worth), Ft. Worth