Intergovernmental Relations Committee
March 19, 1998-2:00P  

interim charges
   On:      Akers, Monte (Texas Municipal League), Austin

            Austin, Timothy (City of Houston), Houston

            Brown, Lee P. (City of Houston), Houston

            Casto, Larry (City of Dallas), Dallas

            Hernandez, D'Juan (ACSI), Louisiana

            Hunt, Barbara (SWB Tel. Co.), Dallas

            Lewis, Richard (City of Houston), Houston

            Mosley, Kathy (City of Houston), Houston

            Rowling, Gwen (WESTEL), Austin

            Sturzl, Frank (Texas Municipal League), Austin

            West, Clarence (Coalition/Franchise), Houston

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Grohman, Paul (City of Pearland), Pearland

            Hernandez, Cristal (City of Fort Worth), Fort Worth

   Written materials submitted:
   On:      Arnold, William (Cable/Telecom. Assn.), Austin