Ways & Means Committee
April 30, 1997-4:00P  

HB 1030
   For:     Rep. Maxey (Himself)

HB 1268
   For:     Rep. Madden (Himself)
   Against: David Dunnam (TX Travel Industry Asso)
            Don Hansen (TX Hotel/Motel Assoc)
            Paul Serff (TX Travel Industry Asso)
            Penny C. Reett (TX Assoc of Conv & Visi)
            Sherman D. Derst (Himself)

HB 1397
   For:     Jack C. Vowell (Grtr. El Paso Chamber)
            Rep. Haggerty (Himself)

HB 1575
   For:     Kristeen Roe (Tax Asses-Coll Assoc.)

HB 2168
   For:     Norman Scroggins (Friends of TX Aviation)
            Rep. Alexander (Himself)
   On:      George F. Mitchell, Jr. (TX DOT - Aviation Div.)

HB 2882
   For:     Bobby Smith (N & E TX Co. Judges Ass)
            Jim Allison (Co. Judges & Comm Assoc)
            Rep. Alexander (Himself)
   Against: Donald Lee (Conference of Urban Co.)

HB 3277
   For:     Rep. Counts (Himself)

SB 1014
   For:     Breck Bostwick (TX Assoc of Prop Tax)
            Rep. Talton (Himself)

SB 1015
   For:     Breck Bostwick (TX Assoc of Prop Tax)
            Rep. Talton (Himself)
   Against: Buddy Winn (Tax Asses-Coll Assoc.)
   On:      Jim Robinson (Himself)

SB 1266
   On:      James Howell (Comptroller of Public A)

SB 1269
   For:     Marsha P. Gaines (Tax Asses-Coll Assoc.)
            Rep. Olivo (Herself)

SB 1437
   For:     Margie Gleason (Herself)
            Rep. Greenberg (Herself)
   On:      Art Cory (Himself)