Ways & Means Committee
April 9, 1997-4:00P  

HB 826
   For:     Rep. Turner (Himself)

HB 1147
   On:      Cindy Alexander (Comptroller of Publci A)

HB 1773
   For:     Jim Robinson (Himself)
            Rep. Danburg (Herself)

HB 2043
   For:     Gwen Selby (N.E. Ind. School Dist.)
            John Marshall (Tarrant Appraisal Dist.)
            Linda S. Brown (Herself)
            Rep. Smith (Himself)
   Against: Breck Bostwick (TX Assoc of Porperty Ta)
            Jim Robinson (Himself)
            Wendell Westlake (TX Taxpayer's & Rsrch.)
            William H. Tulloch (Burlington Resources)

HB 2044
   For:     Rep. Smith (Himself)
   Against: Sheryl N. Cole (TX Municipal League)

HB 2383
   For:     Jim Robinson (Himself)

HB 3520
   For:     Michael W. Deeds (Himself)
            Sheryl N. Cole (TX Municipal League)

HJR 102
   For:     Rep. Lewis, Ron (Himself)
   On:      Larry R. Soward (TX Dept. of Agriculture)

SB 95
   For:     Rep. Shields (Himself)

SB 492
   For:     Rep. Jackson (Himself)

SB 590
   For:     Bonnie Leck (Herself)
            Rep. Turner (Himself)