Ways & Means Committee
April 2, 1997-4:00P  

HB 2166
   For:     Alison Evers (Stewart Title Guaranty)
            Randy M. Lee (Stewart Title Guaranty)
   On:      Gary Johnson (Comptroller of Public A)

HB 2230
   For:     Bettie Carrington (Herself)
            Bill Hood (Himself)
            Gerald Daugherty (Himself)
            Michael Cushman (Himself)
            Rep. Keel (Himself)
            Russ Ham (Himself)
            Terry Irion (Himself)
   Against: Dave  Dobbs (TX Assoc. for Public Tr)
            Tom Stacy (Downtown Austin Allianc)
   On:      Alan Pegg (Cap. Metro Transp. Auth)

HB 2383
   For:     Charles Fenn (Himself)
            Jim Robinson (Himself)
            Rep. Hochberg (Himself)

HB 2674
   For:     Rep. Isett (Himself)
   On:      Craig Daugherty (Comptroller of Public A)

HB 2929
   For:     David Kantorczyk (Duddlesten Ventures I)
            Ed Hall (Greater Houston Convent)
            John E. Elsner (Himself)
            Jordy Tollett (Himself)
            Michael White (Greater Houston Partner)
            Rep. Coleman (Himself)
            Reuben McDaniel (Duddlesten Ventures I)
            Richard Allen Husseini (Duddlesten Ventures I)
            Robert M. Eury (Central Houston, Inc.)
   On:      Jonn Heleman (Comptroller of Public A)

HB 3482
   On:      Dan Wilson (Comptroller of Public A)