Ways & Means Committee
March 25, 1997-1:00P  

HB 375
   For:     Samuel Bier (VFW, Ex-POW's)

HB 602
   For:     David Williams (Himself)
            Rep. Carter (Himself)
            Ronnie Volkening (The Southland Corp.)
            Scott Fisher (TX Petroleum Markets &)

HB 1879
   For:     Buddy Winn (Tax Assess-Coll Assoc.)
            Jim Robinson (Himself)
            Wendell Westlake (TX Taxpayer's Assoc.)

HB 2465
   For:     Barry White (Lone Star Energy Co.)
            Charles Patton (Central & S.W. Corp.)
            Edward Feith (Houston Lighting & Powe)
            Hannah Riddering (Herself)
            Nancy Molleda (Herself)

HB 2515
   For:     Bonnie Escobar (Greater El Paso Chamber)
            Hannah Riddering (TX Nat'l Org. for Women)
            Henry G. Flores (TX Assoc. of Mex-Am Cha)
            Joe Morin (Himself)
            Jose Luis Lopez (Himself)
            Rep. Chavez (Herself)
            Rep. Palmer (Herself)
   On:      Paul Cockreham (Comptroller of Public A)

HB 2832
   For:     Rep. Gallego (Himself)

HB 3043
   For:     Rep. Gallego (Himself)
            William J. Stephens (Himself)

HB 3044
   For:     Rep. Gallego (Himself)

SB 582
   On:      David Garlick (TX Railroad Commission)